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Redstone climbing an Observer



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: PastRelease - (TU57/CU49/PS4&PSVita1.56/PS3 1.59/WiiU Patch 27/Switch Patch 7, Past Release - (TU58/CU49/PS4&PSVita1.57/PS3 1.60/WiiU Patch 28/Switch Patch 9
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      PlayStation 4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch


      (I cannot be sure if this is a duplicate, there are way too many problems with Observers)

      This will be difficult to explain...

      Redstone powered by an Observer, travels down the side of the Observer, but doesn't power the Redstone that is connected by the Redstone traveling down the side of the Observer. This is either a visual glitch, or a mechanical glitch.

      To reproduce:
      Step 1. Place an Observer to observe with empty space beneath it.
      Step 2. Place Redstone on the output (top) of the Observer.
      Step 3. Place a block below and to the side of an Observer (corner).
      Step 4. Place Redstone Dust on the previous block.
      Result: The Redstone appears to go down the side of the Observer and connect to the other Redstone, but when the top piece of Redstone is powered it doesn't power along the side of itself.

      I am not sure how I can explain this more clearly...

      This is not the issue with the Observer not detecting Redstone. (MCCE-5770)
      This is not the issue with the Light of the Observer not working. (MCCE-4956)
      This is not the issue with Observers not detecting Observers.




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