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      Xbox One


      While playing (28th August 10pm UK time) game crashed out and froze on the saving game screen. Since this time have been unable to get my worlds back. I have tried logging my account onto another console and the message we are unable to sync you account is the best you can get.

      I have also tried resetting machine to factory settings and going through all that. None of it works.

      This happened a few months ago and the only 'solution' was to create a new microsoft/XB account and create new worlds. Now it has happened again. I lost years of developments the first time and just (JUST) months this time.

      It seems the weakness is the xbox one/minecraft cloud save mechanic. It does not allow you to look at individual game saves or previous versions of saves. It looks like it is all linked into a single file/structure that once corrupted stops the ability to be used ever again.

      I've gone through a very helpful Xbox One support and gone over all the xbox one checks it is possible to do. The problem is the cloud save/minecraft process.

      Are 4J aware of this (I've not seen much similar in the bug trackers). Is there any way of recovering my previous worlds? Presumably tou are incharge of how the cloud save works/stores the minecraft saves. Can I get access to my old worlds?




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