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Baby Cats sitting, teleport to player when grown



    • Xbox One


      Kittens (baby Cats) that have been told to sit, will teleport to player when grown to adult Cats.
      This happened in an old Survival world (previous to today's update), so I created a new world with newest update CU48.
      Steps to reproduce:

      • Create new world (with Host Options On to swap between Creative/Survival)
      • Get a stack of Raw Fish in creative menu
      • Fly around to find Jungle biome
      • Swap into Survival Mode, tame two Ocelots Note: I tried in a Creative world, spawning Ocelots - but this behaviour wasn't noticed
      • Breed the Tamed Cats together to create new Kitten (baby Cat)
      • Make Kitten sit. Note: I also made both parent Cats sit, after breeding
      • Feed Kitten 30+ fish to speed up growing process. Note: I did not do this in old Survival world - They grew up naturally
      • Run far enough away from Kitten so that a tamed animal would teleport to you (unknown minimum of blocks but I did 20-30 blocks away) and wait... Note: Kitten was out of render distance but Cats still were visible
      • An adult Cat teleports to player's location which is not either of the parent Cats. Note: In video below, both parents are still visible in background when other teleports

      I assume this is not normal/expected behaviour, as I don't think I have ever bred cats until yesterday.

      Link to video below:
      teleporting kitty 2




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