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When "feeding" Llamas for purposes of causing them to enter Love Mode, view changes, as though you attempted to ride them.



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      What I expected to happen when I "Used" a Hay Bale on a Llama: They would enter Love Mode, but my viewpoint would remain undisturbed.

      What actually happened: When I "Used" the Hay Bale to trigger Love Mode my viewpoint changed immeidiately as though I had tried to ride the Llama or some other effect which would cause my orientation and position to change slightly.

      This is very disruptive when attempting to keep track of multiple Llamas in a group of outwardly identical ones.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Tame several Llamas
      2. Use "Hay Bales" on the Llamas to induce Love Mode.
      3. Observe that your viewpoint jumps erratically. (Similar to expected behavior if you attempted to tame them and were immiediately and invisibly unsuccessful.) This is dumb, I'm feeding them, not attempting to ride them, and they're tame, so they'd LET ME.

      This behavior was not observed in past updates, almost probably not CU 46, CERTAINLY not in CU45. And would not seem to be intended or suggested behavior, as it doesn't really make sense for feeding a Hay Bale, which formerly was a relatively noninteractive behavior to all of a sudden, have this radical, nonsensical effect on my viewpoint.

      (My Llama Eugenics program has been relatively active recently so I'd think I'd have noticed something like my viewpoint jumping when breeding Llamas. I also reported and got fixed the Llamas being left off the List Of Breedable Animals That Get a "Cannot Enter Love Mode..." Message. So I've been paying some attention to the details and routine involved, which has undergone a radically inconvienient shift in the last update, I suspect. I have created one Penultimate Llama, its only a matter of time before I have an army of 15 Heart 5 Strength Gray and Brown Llamas, muh huh huh hah hah hah ha haaa *hacking cough, they'll rue the day, something something something Dark Side something something)




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