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Blazes fireball animations are erratic in multiplayer and firing range is ridiculous



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Past Release - June Release (TU54/CU44/1.52/PS4 1.53/WiiU Patch 24/Switch Patch 4, Past Release - (TU55/CU46/Vita 1.53/PS3+PS4 1.54/WiiU Patch 25/Switch Patch 5
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      Xbox One


      When I was last in the nether, and I am usually in there a lot, I noticed that Blazes were firing at me from across the map at distances that they have never been able to before. This may not be a bug, but it is undesirable. I also noticed that they were spraying their fireballs erratically (animation) and not targeted, and that it was confusing to tell if one was coming my way, so that I could try to avoid it. As a result I am constantly on fire while fighting blazes. I should mention that I am not the host and I regularly play on other peoples worlds. So some of this could be lag related but it's virtually impossible to avoid their shots as a player on another hosts world. I think that the changes to Blazes are not very good for exploring the Nether as the place will soon be completely on fire due to the excessive fireballs shot from across the map. As if Ghasts didn't do a thorough job of setting the place on fire already.This teamed with the Visual HUD "on fire" and new (on fire) sounds. makes the nether unbearable for open areas where Blazes spawn. Can we please have Blazes back to the way they have always been as they are challenging enough for a first visit to the nether without fire resistance armor.


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