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Players cannot join servers or 'games'. It crashes their minecraft or says connection failed I recently started experiencing this bug on my server that alot of people join every day but they cant now



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    • TU24/1.16
    • TU41/CU31/1.33/Patch 12
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      Players cannot join games 100% of the time. Like on my server ive only seen this recently right after i downloaded the new update. When people try to join it crashes their minecraft of says connection failed! Only around 2 people can join every 30 to 40 minutes and I have a Public faction server that alot of people play on but now they cant beacuse of this nee recent bug! It says they are connecting but then doesnt let them connect every one is getting really annoyed and my games were always full now the most players that could join my game are around 4 or 5 but other than that never gets full anymore i think this may be because you guys removed the waiting list to get into a game and all these people try to join at the same time and it doesnt let them please fix this its very important because most people on minecraft now a days play it for Servers.




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