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    • Past Release - Nintendo Switch Patch 1, Nintendo Switch Patch 2, Past Release - TU53/CU43/PS4 1.50/Patch 23/Nintendo Switch Patch 3, Past Release - June Release (TU54/CU44/1.52/PS4 1.53/WiiU Patch 24/Switch Patch 4, Past Release - (TU55/CU46/Vita 1.53/PS3+PS4 1.54/WiiU Patch 25/Switch Patch 5, Past Release - (TU56/CU48/PS4&PSVita 1.55/PS3 1.56/WiiU Patch 26/Switch Patch 6, PastRelease - (TU57/CU49/PS4&PSVita1.56/PS3 1.59/WiiU Patch 27/Switch Patch 7, Past Release - (TU58/CU49/PS4&PSVita1.57/PS3 1.60/WiiU Patch 28/Switch Patch 9, Past Release - (TU59/CU50/PS4 1.62/PS3 1.61/WiiU Patch 29/Switch Patch 10, Past Release - TU60/CU50/1.64/Switch Patch 11/WiiU Patch 30, Past Release - TU61/CU51/1.65/Switch Patch 11/WiiU Patch 30, Past Release - TU62/CU52/1.66/Switch Patch 12/WiiU Patch 31
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      When editing previously entered text on the Nintendo Switch Edition of Minecraft, the previously typed text is lost when you attempt to edit the text. This issue has been around since Minecraft Switch Edition was released, and is unavoidable. Most other Switch games that utilize the keyboard, do not have this issue. Very frustrating, not being helped by the longevity of this issue.

      To reproduce: (Switch Edition only)
      Step 1. Type anything into a text prompt. (Sign, World Name, Book and Quill, Anvil, literally every use of the keyboard.)
      Step 2. Confirm what has been entered. (Save and Close the keyboard)
      Step 3. Reopen the keyboard to change what was previously typed.
      Result: The onscreen keyboard is empty, and you must now retype all of the characters that you previously typed.

      Imagine writing a word document, and you save and close it to work on it the next day.
      But you return to find that opening the text document, also deletes all of your previous work.

      Very annoying, tedious, and time consuming.
      How has this not been fixed during the entire time that this game has been available?




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