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Wii U freezes up when playing game



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      Just recently, the Wii U version has been locking up on my kids while they play. It's a hard lock; the console stops responding with any sounds buzzing like a stuck tone and the screen not updating (just the player's view frozen on screen). The only way out of this is to power down the Wii U and turn it back on. It has happened in single player and multiplayer, even while doing nothing at all - however the kids seem to think it always happens when placing a block.

      I assumed their saves were corrupted or something, however creating new worlds does not resolve this issue. I took the step of deleting all Minecraft data from the Wii U (install, updates, and saved game data) and then reinstalling it from the store (how we acquired it, no disc). This did not resolve the issue.

      To ensure that the issue was not with the Wii U itself, we have tried multiple other games/apps and played them for a time without issue. I also uninstalled some other things that were taking up space on the Wii U drive to ensure it wasn't a storage space issue. We also cleaned out the ports to ensure ventilation was still happening.

      This has only started occurring recently, about a week ago or less. I am uncertain if any updates or changes to the system occurred in the background, but we have had Minecraft Wii U edition for some time without any issue.




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