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MCPS3 Game failure to load



    • Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • CU14/1.17
    • 0606 - TU23/CU11/1.15
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    • PlayStation 3


      a friend of mine online has a world he likes to play on with very cool builds and lots of other things. before the 1.17 update, the world was lagging due to large amounts of redstone, it would freeze sometimes from large changes like people coming and going too fast or consistently. however after the 1.17 update which fixed redstone issues and many more, the world seemed better than ever! that was until one day an auto-save rolled around and said "minecraft has failed the load" causing us to lose everything we had done prior to that save.

      this crash is not just for the one friend either, ive seen reports on here of people having this issue as well.

      the crash has happened to my online friend doing a manual save, an auto-save, and even just randomly while playing amongst the world. the crash has also happened to me in the same fashion but in other worlds, even brand new worlds ive done a manual save and it says failed to load.

      there arent very many reports of the topic on here, so with that being said, could it be a small fix such as clearing the consoles cache? or even uninstalling minecraft and re-installing it? or will it require an update to fix it. please fix soon


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