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Trades can be done with villagers requiring only one item to be spent (ie one coal for an emerald, one emerald for a book)



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    • Past Release - TU53/CU43/PS4 1.50/Patch 23/Nintendo Switch Patch 3
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      Trades can be done with villagers requiring only one item be to given to the villager, instead of the normal amount. If a villager asks for 20 coal to give one emerald, filling the action bar with 9 SINGLE pieces of coal and using the trade will consume one piece of the coal, up to the 9 times. A stack of 20 coal has to be in the large portion of the inventory in order to do this, but the single piece is consumed instead of the stack of 20. Repeating the process through placing more pieces of single coal on the bar is possible. This works in reverse for placing single emeralds to buy enchanted books, etc. If the cost is 40 emeralds, placing a stack of 40 into the inventory and a single emerald into the action bar, the single is taken. Works on all villager types, all forms of trade including multi-item trades such as needing book+emeralds yields enchanted book. May work on other platforms but have no way of testing.


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