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All player inventory, data (experience), and maps, being reset, upon each login. Why?



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: Past Release - (TU55/CU46/Vita 1.53/PS3+PS4 1.54/WiiU Patch 25/Switch Patch 5
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Environment:

      Nintendo Switch. Latest firmware patch. Latest Minecraft patch.

    • Affected Platforms:
      Nintendo Switch


      Note: Yes, I save the game, before exiting, each time. Let's cut out the basics, and try and solve the REAL issue.

      I highly doubt this will be looked at, or even fixed, considering I've searched EVERYWHERE on the Internet for a solution. But, all of my friend's progress and inventory, and even some of mine, are being deleted after logging out and coming back on. I don't know when this happens or what the EXACT details are, but, for some reason, no matter what, people I play with are being reset back to spawn point with none of their inventory. Maps of the world have been reset and lost. Progress is null. It's pissing everyone off, and as the server host with over 500 hours hosting and building in a survival world, it pisses me off that this happens to almost ALL of my friend's who play. I have had over 200 people come and go on this server at different times, and many are reporting this issue, yet it seems to be nowhere to be found on the Internet. Why? No, it's not some stupid, idiotic reason like I don't save my game. I exit the game manually before shutting down the server EVERYTIME. Yet, sometimes the game will just crash on it's own. And since there's no help line from Mojang at all, I have to rely on complaining on this bug-infested "forum" about something I doubt will be fixed. These people pay for your game, Microsoft and Mojang. They buy skin packs to have a good time, and then you delete their progress. Why? Fix your (mod edit) beep

      Edit Update: I will try to add as many details as possible, from what I have played around with, since this is apparently my job now.

      I have reset my router which caused all of my player inventory to disappear, my levels, and everything I had saved. Gone. I reset to spawn point, and I was hugely frustrated. I had spent over 100 hours on this map fine-tuning and getting all of gear to their highest enchantment level. All of that has been reset now, thanks to Mojang. I don't know why resetting your router would cause you to lose all of your inventory, but that is the least consumer-friendly practice I've ever seen in my life.

      Every one of my friends has experienced a player reset, and it seems to be at random times. I don't really know why. Some now are experiencing it at every log in, making them not want to play on my server anymore. Most of their hard work: gaining levels, enchanting weapons and armor, mining for rare materials, all gone. We play on a strictly Survival-Hard server, and have never once gone to Creative for anything. And I guess this is our reward from Mojang. Player resets.

      I wish there was a person on the phone I could talk to, so I could explain this apparently RARE phenominon. Has Mojang never had a problem with player resets happening on their server? I don't know who to blame here. Our character data is apparently not saved on the console who's hosting the server (My Switch, for example) and instead is "saved" or "synced" to Mojang or 4J's Studio, using Nintendo's new Online service. Could all 3 be at blame here? Idfk. All I know is, I paid money for a game, and these guys do not care about all of our hard work being lost. Thanks, guys. Thanks, for nothing.




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