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Slimeblocks pull glazed terracotta block



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      Xbox One


      On the wiki it states: "While glazed terracotta can be pushed by sticky pistons or slime blocks, it is unique among blocks in that it cannot be pulled." http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Glazed_Terracotta

      With sticky pistons this is working fine, glazed terracotta doesn't get pulled. But with slimeblocks this is having weird behavior.

      The bug
      A slime block still pulls the glazed terracotta block when in line with the slime block / pistons movement.
      MCCE the bug.mp4
      Sideways attached glazed terracotta blocks don't do this (correct behaviour).
      MCCE Glazed terracotta slimeblocks.mp4

      Extra info
      Also note that the piston is not pushing the glazed terracotta block in this setup, nothing happens. While it should be pushing the glazed terracotta block but not pulling.

      And from this setup it doesn't pull the block (correct behaviour)

      Comparing this to pc 1.12 pre7 where it is functioning as the wiki describes.
      PC Glazed terracotta slimeblocks.mp4
      Or MCPE 1.1.0 where this behavior doesn't apply at all.
      MCPE Glazed terracotta slimeblocks.mp4

      It seems inconsistent between all versions, but the PC version does what the wiki describes, the console version does it partially and this behavior is confusing.

      Originally noticed by Matt


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