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Leads breaking/animals disappearing



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      After getting my hands on the Xbox One version of the game, I uploaded my achievement world from the 360 (after saving a copy elsewhere for safety/paranoia reasons), expanded it to a medium-sized world and began using it to get the achievements for the Xbox One version. Today, though, my friends, who were playing with me, and I noticed something.

      I am quite fond of the horses in the game. I had a number of them tethered that I used for breeding or riding to other parts of the map.Yesterday and today, we were finding broken leads all over the ground and only a few of the horses. I re-leashed them, but when I went back the leads were broken and the horses were gone. Not "just wandered off and needing to be rounded up again", gone. Even horses that had been leashed within a fenced-off area and could not wander off have vanished into thin air.

      Including my best mount, a horse that had taken realtime hours and more than a stack of gold ingots to breed out. It was named and wearing my only set of diamond horse armor. Today his lead was on the ground and he was gone. My friends and I searched all over the area and even down into the caves nearest my base, but there was no sign of my horse.

      I thought named animals weren't supposed to despawn!

      This world is a pure survival world with many many hours of work put into it. I can't just switch into creative for infinite golden apples/carrots to breed with or another set of armor, and I've built too much in the Nether to reset it just for the sake of respawning the chests.


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