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"Minecraft Playstation 3 Edition" has failed to load, and cannot continue.



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    • TU51/CU41/1.45/PS4 1.46/Patch 20
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      My wife and I have been getting this error quite often, and while there are some other "similar" tickets, mine seems to be slightly different than the others.

      We have both the disc version and the version that is downloadable from the Playstation Store. I don't believe there is any core issues with the game itself, but with the updates.

      We noticed it started happening after July 2016.

      We have had it happen at random times. Once while saving the game, multiple times during autosave, and during other random times that we have not been able to pinpoint a specific "event" causing it. Creepers blowing up seem to cause it to happen sometime, and switching to vertical splitscreen seem to increase the frequency of it happening. We have also experienced it during mini games.

      We have contacted Playstation and they have had us do the following:

      • Remove and re-install the game.
      • Removed all game data from the system and re-installed game.
      • Rebuild Database
      • Reset PS3 (Format HDD).

      We have tried all these and still seem to be experiencing the issue.


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