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PS3 v1.45 Saves Corrupting/Freezing/Crashing #2



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: TU51/CU41/1.45/PS4 1.46/Patch 20
    • Fix Version/s: None
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      PlayStation 3


      I already submitted a bug report a few days ago here:


      However, the new update v1.45 does not resolve the issue. I update my ongoing thread about the problem and this link goes straight to that comment:


      Below I've copy/pasted my update forum comment. The steps are very easy to replicate, it occurs every play session:

      PS3 v1.45 was released yesterday. It does not resolve the issues. The patch notes only state:

      + Fix for save corruption when exiting a newly created world. (PS3 only)

      Perhaps they attempted to also resolve the other issues I've discussed and they just wanted to keep their description of the fix short, but this is clearly not enough to fix the problems.

      I have had so many crashes now, that I've narrowed it down to a very easy to replicate scenario. Do this and I gaurantee you will experience at least 1 of the problems I stated in the beginning, within a 2-4 hour play session. You most likely will lose all or at least half of your work and will have to redo it:

      All of these bugs listed below are easily replicated during Split-Screen, with an active 2nd player!

      BUG #1
      1) In the latest patch, "Create New World" on the PS3.

      2) Leave all settings at their natural defaults and have Autosave set to 30 mins, difficulty on Easy, default texture pack, survival mode.

      3) Always stop pressing buttons and moving whenever the "saving symbol" pops up in top right corner.

      4) Start the new world and wait about 10 seconds for asset loading, then I explore a small circle around my start location.

      5) If I do not find a nearby village I go to Exit Game, and then select Exit Game without Saving.

      6) Repeat the above steps untill you find a nearby village. This is where the first bug tends to arise.

      7) Within 2-4 creations of new worlds trying to find a village, it will freeze on "Initializing Server" usually with "Spawning" whatever as the subtext.

      8) If you freeze, you can wait several minutes, but eventually you must hold the PS button and select "Quit Game" from the XMB.

      BUG #2 & BUG #3
      9) Once you're past the first bug and find a nearby village, make it your home. I spend the next 2-3 hours digging around it, leveling things out, making sure all the building have doors and stairs up to them, and just making it clean. I remove all the vegetation, trees, etc. Make it clean and tidy.

      10) This is where the second has a chance to appear. Sometimes during the village cleanup process the game will freeze during an "auto-save" when the loading bar pops up, it will freeze and you can wait several minutes, but then have to hold the PS button and "Quit Game" thus corrupting your world and forcing you to start over entirely.

      11) The third bug also has a chance to appear during this time period. If you and the 2nd player in split-screen are digging fast and furious, and really moving around quickly (all legitimate, survival mode, no cheats or glitches of any kind) then the game will sometimes just immediately switch to a black screen, and kick you out to the PS3 xmb desktop as if you had selected "quit game" from the xmb. When all you were doing was digging up blocks or mining stone quickly.

      BUG #4 & BUG #5
      12) If you somehow manage to get your village cleaned up and after 2-4 hours of active, hard work, moving quick play, go to "Exit Game" and then "Save and Exit" and about 50% of the time it will freeze while saving, thus corrupting the world and losing everything. It seems like having player 2 exit first helps reduce the chance of this bug happening, but it's still about 25% chance of happening or more.

      13) If you were smart, you figured out that saving the game can freeze and corrupt things, so you tried workarounds, like after "auto-save" occurs, you then just choose to "Exit game" and "Exit without saving" in hopes that it'll avoid the crash. Well that still freezes and corrupts the game too...

      14) In response to step 13, the only sort of workaround is to hope auto-save doesn't fail, and then after it's done saving and the symbol goes away, go ahead and hold the PS button and "Quit Game" from the XMB, and you'll be able to leave the game safely. That's however if none of your auto-saves froze your game beforehand. Because if an auto-save does freeze, your world is corrupt. You literally have to backup your saves every night to a usb, and every single night you risk losing an entire play session of work in between backups.


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