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Screen glitches after loading a world and opening a written book



    • Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • TU46/CU36/1.39/Patch 15, TU47/CU37/1.40/Patch 16, TU48/CU38/1.41/Patch 17, TU50/CU40/1.43/Patch 19, TU51/CU41/1.45/PS4 1.46/Patch 20, Past Release Release - TU52/CU42/1.47/PS4 1.48/Patch 21, Past Release - June Release (TU54/CU44/1.52/PS4 1.53/WiiU Patch 24/Switch Patch 4, Past Release - (TU55/CU46/Vita 1.53/PS3+PS4 1.54/WiiU Patch 25/Switch Patch 5
    • Dashboard 2.0.17511.0

    • Xbox 360


      Since the Fallout mashup pack was released I have been running into something strange

      So here's what's happening:

      Whenever you load a world up and then open a written book before doing anything else, the screen will glitch to not display the UI and only your hand or what you are holding, and the game world, I have tested the Chinese Mythology mashup pack on the newest release, and the update the mashup pack was released.

      Steps to reproduce:
      TU51 to TU52, TU54 to TU55

      1. Create a new world
      2. Try to craft a book and quill
      3. Sign the book
      4. Save the world
      5. Restart the console
      6. Load the world (in Online mode if in TU55)
      7. Open the book

      TU46 to TU50:
      1. Create a new world
      2. Try to craft a book and quill
      3. Sign the book and quill
      4. Reload the world
      5. Open the book

      Proof: https://youtu.be/_2kQ4WeKXHY

      UPDATE - Is not allowing users to save worlds in TU55. Also now affects Skyrim and Halo mashup packs

      As of TU55/CU46/Vita 1.53/PS3+PS4 1.54/WiiU Patch 25/Swtich Patch 5:

      This issue no longer occurs in offline mode, I can now drop the instruction books in the chests in my minigame world and play on it via Split-Screen.
      This is still an issue online, so this is not fixed in online mode.




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