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Loading Saved World Not Working Properly (New or Old)



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    • TU50/CU40/1.43/Patch 19
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      Since the PS3 1.42 update, I am unable to load a saved world properly (old world created prior to 1.42 or brand new one). While the game is running, I can create a new world, save it, reload it, and everything is fine.

      However, when I turn the game or system off, start it back up again, and try to load the world again it places me in a randomly generated world (not in a random spot of saved world, a completely different world).

      I figured maybe it was an issue on my PS3, so I attempted to play it on another PS3 that had not had Minecraft at all previously, and the same behavior is exhibited there. Also, if you save the world after it does the random new world, it changes the seed number to 0 (zero).

      I made a series of images and uploaded them to imgur in hopes that it might explain a bit better. I also have a short video that shows the preview image of the world being accurate and then loading a randomly generated new world afterwards.

      Here is the image album on imgur: http://imgur.com/a/pLMtu


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