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D-Pad controls broken when using remote play feature on PSVita to play Minecraft PS4 edition.



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      The PlayStation Vita has a feature, called remote play, that allows players to connect their PSVita to their PS4 and play games streamed from their PS4. Since the PSVita has less buttons that a PS4 controller the directional pad is used to do many things (WITH DEFAULT CONTROLS: Down: sneak/crouch, Up: Toggle 3rd and 1st person camera, Left/Right: move hotbar selector). However, since the recent 1.42 patch for Minecraft PS4 edition the D-pad on the PSVita does nothing when any of its buttons are pressed while remote playing. Usually when remote playing, the player can tap on the bottom left of the PSVita's touch screen to replace L3 (clicking on the left analog stick on PS4), which, with default controls, would seem to be a temporary work around to the issue since that would allow players to toggle the third and first person camera angles. But after testing this I realized that the game does not seem to detect the bottom left screen touch either. This goes for the bottom right screen touch as well (which replaces R3, clicking in the right analog stick on a PS4 controller). This means that when remote playing Minecraft PS4 edition on a PSVita system it is impossible for a player to toggle crouch, change their camera view, or cycle the item selected in their hotbar. If a player wanted to use a different item than the one selected on their hotbar, they would have to open their inventory and move the item to the slot of the hotbar which is in the selected state. To clarify, this is a bug on Minecraft PS4 edition that happens when using the remote play feature on the PSVita to stream PS4 games. To my knowledge, this glitch has no effect on Minecraft PSVita edition. I noticed this bug when I originally booted up the game while remote playing directly after the update. I was playing the new Fallout battle mingame maps when I noticed I couldn't use my D-pad controls. I have not yet tested, but I do suspect that this bug still occurs in survival/creative as well as it does in minigames.


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