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Ender Dragon and End City Glitches



    • Xbox One


      CU38 Xbox one

      Ended City Portal not spawning after killing dragon, before i did this in survival I copied my world then went into creative. Killed dragon 1st portal opened respawned dragon 2nd portal opened etc so I knew it was working.

      Went into survival killed dragon 1st portal opened, respawned dragon no new portal opened ?, so went into creative again copy, then spawned dragon 3rd (faster then trying in survival again) 2nd portal opened.

      Figured that's odd and annoying but I guess I will have to kill again, so went into survival spawned dragon 3rd Time, destroyed the crystals on each tower then dragon disappeared ? And end exit portal was closed? So I was trapped in end. I went to end city through first portal and the dragon was in the end city ?? It was hovering near the end city portal in the end city.

      I couldn't kill it, then a min or two later error message came up and game exited itself, well it is stuck in exit screen for 5 mins before I closed game and reloaded.

      I no all 4 portals opened first time in creative (from killing dragon 4 times), so why didn't it work 2nd time in survival on the same world?




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