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Villagers only harvest small fraction of farm



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      I have four 7x14 automatic farms. Wheat, Beetroot, Carrots, and Potatoes. In the Wheat and Beetroot farms, the villagers farm the entire plot as expected. But for the carrot and potato farm, they will only harvest crops three to four rows away from the always hungry villager that they throws their crops to. Also, they never harvest more than two or three plants at a time before running back to offload to the hungry villager.

      In the first attached image, you can see the first few rows that it will harvest. In the second image, you can see all of the other rows that it will not harvest despite the frequent walks around the entire farm. It walks out, stands there for a bit, and runs back to the hungry villager.

      This was a brand new villager that I only supplied with one stack of potatoes before placing it in this already completely full farm. It has no open air, or opaque block, direct lines of sight with any other villagers, if that matters.?. Also, there are no wooden doors within a 32 block radius of these farms, if that is in fact the correct distance from a door a villager needs to be.?. When I released it into this farm, it immediately ran to the hungry villager and has never harvested outside of these first few rows.

      Since it's near impossible to find out specific details of this game, I'm not sure what the maximum amount of food is that a villager will maintain. But as of now, it can't be much more than a stack or two, which seems very low to me. If that is as designed, than why would there ever be a need for a carrot or potato farm that had more than 28 - 35 crops to tend? Effectively ruining any of these monster mega farms people have already built, or plan to build on console edition.


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