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Lava and water flow unpredictable



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: TU47/CU37/1.40/Patch 16
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      PlayStation 4


      I have searched for an existing MCCE issue and found none; forgive me if I'm mistaken.

      I have experienced issues with the latest version 1.40 on PS4. Specifically, in the Overworld I have encountered the following while working on stone generator designs:

      • Lava can flow faster than water
      • Lava will sometimes not flow where it should
      • Water will sometimes not flow where it should.

      I tried and failed to reproduce these bugs, however I have experienced them several times, and if necessary can upload PS4 screenshots as evidence.

      Here are the situations I've seen:

      • Two water source blocks with one air block between them only flow "forward", they do not flow "sideways" towards each other, nor is the expected new water source generated between them.

      => This seemed to occur only sometimes when I was placing water source blocks on top of slabs. I believe this only happened when using upside down slabs, but it would be worth trying bottom slabs as well. The water source blocks were also enclosed by slabs i.e. the walls were slabs. When using solid blocks the issue never occurred. If you make an enclosed box area out of slabs (upper slabs on floor, upper slabs as wall for enclosure), and in particular leave the unnecessary corner-of-the-wall blocks out, you can see the water flows differently in the corners. This is probably expected, but may relate to the issue I'm describing.

      • Lava source block placed in the middle of a 5 block single row (walled in with slabs) on top of water only flowed in one direction, not the other.

      => From a top-down perspective:

      • - - - -


      ..where `w` is a water source block at height Y with bottom/upside slabs on top of it at height Y+1, `|` is a bottom/upside slab at height Y+1, `-` is a bottom/upside slab at height Y+1, and `L` is a lava source at height Y+1. This lava source flows on top of the water to make stone, however it flowed only to the left in the diagram seen here, not in the other direction, which is clearly incorrect behaviour.

      • Lava flowing faster than water.

      => When a piston (non-sticky) is placed with a lava source on top, and a water source is to the right of the moving piston head at the same Y and flowing in front of the piston head, I have seen the lava source sometimes flow into the space in front of the piston head before the lava (it's reproducible, try it with a rapidly firing piston). Thus generally you have a stone block generated and pushed "forward" by the piston as expected, yet on occasion since the lava flows downwards quicker than the water source block flows left, the stone block is not made, and instead the water source block turns to cobblestone.

      I am aware of the widely reported "piston translocation" bug which exists in the version I'm specifying. I supposed it's possible this bug may be producing this third scenario I describe, yet the other two scenarios seem unrelated to that bug.




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