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Found End issue what downloading world from xbox 360 to xbox one!



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    • TU47/CU37/1.40/Patch 16
    • TU50/CU40/1.43/Patch 19
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    • Xbox 360, Xbox One


      I have been testing this for a while now. I have been getting constant crashes when I am downloading my world from xbox 360 to xbox one. I have found out that it is the end itself that is causing the crash... I have tested this by reseting the end on my 360 and uploading and when I do that I am able to download just fine but I loose all my progress that I built in the End of course. I have gone and tested this issue on a fresh world and when i kill the enderdragon and try to download (uploads just fine) the game crashes to the home screen. After I reset the end it fixes the issue and downloads just fine.... I have gone and opened up the savegame.dat file and edited the dimension data by deleting the data and pasting in the data of a fresh world (didnt kill the ender dragon) and doing so fixed the issue of the crashing when downloading without having to reset my end and loose all my builds. hope this helps!




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