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Old End saves that have lots of blocks crash when entering (Xbox 360 and One)



    • Bug
    • Status: Resolved
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    • TU47/CU37/1.40/Patch 16
    • TU48/CU38/1.41/Patch 17
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    • Xbox 360, Xbox One


      I noticed this first on Xbox 360 with one of my old saves. I don't reset most of my end dimensions since i have stuff built in them. so i enter the end and once again the spawn is in another location as my spawn keeps moving around these past two updates for some reason. well in just two seconds in and my entire system crashes. I keep attempting to get in the end and every time i try my console freezes up and crashes. I tried this out in my other worlds and the same thing happens but when i make a new world or there's barely anything built in an old one, everything's just fine as far as i can tell. I decide to try this on my Xbox One and the same thing happens again, only this time it's just Minecraft that crashes. my Xbox One itself didn't fully crash like the 360 did. So what it looks like is that if an Old Save that has a lot of memory or a lot of blocks in the chunk will crash your game or your system entirely on last gen.
      here i'll show a clip with my Xbox 360 and One's Minecrafts Freezing up.




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