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can not jump out of flowing water when water kitty corner above



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      I had an elevator that used a piston to jump off of. This no longer works. I can not jump out of the water when there is water above and to the side of my head. This is difficult to explain. I can post a video after work. Point being why should the water that I am a block away from affect the way I can or can not jump out of water I am swimming in?
      Thank you

      The video I made for this is bigger than the allowable 10MB. So I posted this to youtube at this link: https://youtu.be/_bOEruwd1YA
      If you would like I can put the video somewhere else?

      As you can see without the water above you can jump out but with the water there you can not. This definitely worked prior to 1.36 as I had based my whole base around this design.
      To be clear I am not trying to jump to the water above, just trying to jump out of the water onto the ground.
      Thank you
      p.s. I have attached a screenshot of a previously working one. Note the pressure plate next to the piston.




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