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End Dimension is Broken



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    • TU48/CU38/1.41/Patch 17
    • TU47/CU37/1.40/Patch 16
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    • Xbox One


      There was an Update/ Bug Fix on 1/13/2017 for Minecraft Console Edition Xbox One.

      After this Update, i am no longer able to enter through ANY End Portal without my Game Freezing.

      Some of my other world's End Portals work, but now when you enter them they bring you to a Completely new location into the End rather than the usual.Sometimes the New Location is so bizarre that it will place me a Hundred blocks away from the Land Mass of the End, or even deep within the Center of the Land Mass of the End

      The Freezing Portal is happening to my RPG World. I have tried using the RESET END option on 1 of the Worlds i have that was granted the same Issue and it fixed it.
      I Really do not want to have to Reset my End Dimension
      This is very serious! the End has A LOT of extremely important things for my RPG World.
      I am afraid this Update might have destroyed my ability to use that save. I Hope not.

      *I have tried
      Restarting/Resetting Xbox
      Removing/Re-Installing Minecraft
      Changing Settings around on my Server before Loading it
      Changing Texture Packs
      Changing Difficulty
      Creating New End Portals to see if they worked *

      I must find out if this is a Fixable Bug or if my save data is now Corrupted for good.

      Sorry if i have placed too much information/text within this.

      Update on the Issue below

      I have now discovered that even after Resetting the End it will freeze my game if i go to a specific area, this also is the same discovery for New Worlds created and exploring the End dimension within them as well

      Even on New Worlds Created, it will freeze when i Enter the End


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