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Villagers are not shairing food properly.



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    • TU47/CU37/1.40/Patch 16
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      THE MAIN POINT IS VILLAGER FOOD SHAIRING IS SPORATIC. I have a carrot, bread, and potato farm that utilizes the villagers ability to throw food. The farmer villager harvests the crops from a circular area and then attemps to shair the crops with a hungry villager in the middle of the circle. The farmer villager should throw some of his food into a water stream right in front of his face (the hungry villager is on a lilly pad on top of said water stream). what ends up happening is it looks like the food is being thrown but It does not end up in the water stream. when the food it thrown it looks glitchy and like it imediatel bounces back to the thrower. Befour when the food was thrown it looked like a nice neat stack and the stack could be watched as it passed thru the water stream. I ran some tests and found out that some food can end up in hoppers that are directly in front of him. The villager throwing the food must have two (up and down) air blocks in front of him in addition to the hungry villager on the same level on the block behind the hopper with wooden trapdoors separating the hungry dude from the food. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BIrqPH4Jfk The link to how the farm/villager sharing used to be.


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