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mob spawners glitch out and show a pig inside them and stop working



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: TU46/CU36/1.39/Patch 15
    • Fix Version/s: None
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      Xbox One


      Once re-opening a save game all mob spawners spawn one set of Mobs (between 1-4 mobs) then the spawners show a pig inside them and stop working.

      Expect the mob spawners to work properly and spawn mobs like they did prior to the latest update.

      Repeat scenario;

      • create a new game with these suggested parameters: survival, large size, seed 105560318 (start with a start-up chest if you wish).
      • head directly north to the small cave on the East side of a hill which will have a zombie spawner just inside it at coordinates x:4, z:-253 (it will be at approximately outside ground level). The small cave will be slight upper-left of a bigger cave (ignore the bigger cave).
      • before going in (or you can go in and have a look at the working spawner if you wish) quietly exit the game back to the Minecraft menu (which will auto-save the game) and then re-open the game.
      • Now go into the cave (approx. 20 blocks horizontally west from the cave entrance) and you will see a zombie mob spawner which will spawn one set of mobs then the spawner will place a pig inside itself and stop working, along with every other mob spawner failing within that saved game (including all the spawners within the Nether).

      Regardless of what changes are made to the blocks with the game (or not) it appears that after saving the game and re-opening it again (either straight away or sometime later) all the spawners somehow bug-out and fail.

      I have tested this scenario many different ways, and the closing and the re-opening of the saved game will crash all the spawners within the game every time, with no recovery.

      I would not like to even think how many people are going to freak out at this spawner-breaking bug once they open their respective games. In short, this needs to be fixed asap because currently this game is just ruined whilst this but is in place.


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