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XB1: Zombie villagers can not go through open doors.



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      Since all entity was deleted from minecarts in TU46. We need Elder Guardian spawn egg to get the deleted big ones back!
      I started to rebuild the damage done by the update.

      Curing zombie villagers is the only way I could think of transporting villagers now, see MCCE-3272 and I guess a lot of other reported issues mention this delete feature, as the new villager transport method.

      Did I mention the spawn egg for elder guardians, we need three (3).

      So upon trying to get the zombie villager into a house I needed to remove the door or doors if double door. For the zombie villager to be able to follow.

      I added a video that has a newly placed door on the same block as the zombie villager, that means zombie villager can pass the doorway. But not if the zombie villager is walking or chasing the player. The door has a blocking effect. I mean.

      I also found that "zombie no longer breaks door" bug/issue was marked as "working as intended", I was surprised since some of the house door still in TU46 gets despawned. I sure hope someone updates Minecraft Wiki to these differences in Minecraft Console Edition and PC.
      While searching for a duplicate bug/issue to this "cant go through door bug".


      Happy New Year!

      Marcus and Ariana, gt ariana gaming.


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