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Endportal created next to portal frame



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      Edit: End portal created next to portal frame (rotating the north and south end portal blocks 180 degrees creates this behaviour) See second image.
      I renamed the title so it makes more sense. (as the bug doesn't need a tree to recreate)

      How it all started:
      I wanted to be lazy and take a look at the end. Created a new world in creative with host privileges nothing else changed in settings. I killed myself by falling in survival and at world spawn back in creative put in the end portal as I thought that you would be able to make these. A portal appeared next to the one I created cutting trough the tree (see image). As I thought this was a bug I snapped a screenshot. Deleted the world. And started a new one. Just to discover that you actually can't create a end portal, while I just made one, somehow. I tried everything in creative to make one after that. Why can i make a portal onetime (bugged/glitched), and the actual functioning part appears in a tree? Then I am not able to create a portal at all. (I lost the seed because I thought it was just weird and I could recreate it) Maybe looking at the code can explain this behaviour. This all happened today so the world is made TU46. It was weird to create a portal (bugged) and then discover that you actually can't. I tried recreating the bug in multiple trees. Places near the end portal. Away from it but I am not able to craft another end portal in other worlds nor recreate the portal in the tree. Really weird actually. (scratching my head)


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