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Faliure to Load (Already Playing Game)



    • Bug
    • Status: Resolved
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    • TU24/1.16
    • TU31/CU19/1.22
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    • PlayStation 3


      My boys and I have been playing a new map recently (as in last two days). We are making new villages from some blueprints we found online. We have played online and offline on this map. After maybe and hour or two, the PS3 pops up with a message across the screen, [Minecraft has failed to load, unable to play game] There is no error code connected to this message, just the message itself.

      This message has popped up 4 times now in the last two days. It also locks the PS3 as well so we have to do a manual reboot on the system. We can get back into game, no issues, then suddenly again, the message pops up. We've had to change our saving settings to every 30 mins because we've lost so much progress.

      This is the Map Seed, I am not sure if it will help some how or not. -1320550778 We are playing Creative Mode with Difficulty on Peaceful.

      This happens at random times. There are 3 of us locally on the same system, all with our own profiles. One child is normally doing his Par Core Course, the other is helping me and we are building a village 100X100 blocks, just putting the first layer down after building the land up/flatting in out.

      I hope this satisfies the article requests for what was going on at the time.
      Please let me know if there is more information I am required to give.

      Thank you.


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