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Only One or No Mooshrooms Spawn in a World



    • Xbox 360, PlayStation 3


      This has been an issue for a very longtime, in any world spawned where a Mushroom Biome is generated there will often times be only a single Mooshroom for the entire biome or none at all. Sometimes you may find a Mooshroom and then have it despawn on you at a later date, never appearing again.

      *Locate a Mushroom Biome
      *Find a Mooshroom
      *If Mooshroom is present, it will be the only one present regardless of the size of the biome

      Alternative Steps:
      *Upon finding the Mooshroom, leave and unload the chunks
      *Wait for a few in-game days, return
      *Mooshroom will despawn

      Alternative Steps 2:
      *Find Mushroom Biome
      *Find no Mooshroom, Mooshroom never spawns regardless of time waited

      I know there is a spawn limit for mobs, but why is the limit so small for Mooshrooms? Shouldn't at least two spawn so that a player has a chance to breed them if they like?

      Test Seed: -284047900

      Coords for one Mushroom Biome close to spawn; no matter how many times I have used this seed, this one has never seen even a single Mooshroom:
      x: 390
      Y: 77
      Z: 253

      Coords for the other Mushroom Biome; where a single Mooshroom spawns or doesn't spawn at random every time I use this seed:
      x: 381
      Y: 75
      Z: 270

      Further seeds in comments.




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