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Too many friendly mobs spawning in the wild. Preventing breeding and egg hatching.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: TU45/CU34/1.37/Patch 14
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      Xbox 360


      Under normal circumstances, a set number of friendly mobs will spawn in the wild, and the player can breed a certain amount on top of this number before they are greeted with the maximum capacity limit. Around 50 animals and 8 chickens usually spawn in the wild, and the player can usually breed for a total of 25 chickens and 90 animals. Currently, the number of animals spawning in the wild is surpassing both the natural spawn limit and the overall breeding limit. Due to this issue I have around 100 animals and 30 chickens collected in my world. All of them were caught from the wild and I haven't been breeding any of them. Every time I re-enter my world, more animals begin to spawn in the wild adding to the total. This is preventing redstone chicken farms from functioning (as chicken eggs don't produce babies after 16 chickens are present in a world), as well as preventing the other animals from entering love mode. The quantity of friendly mobs is also causing performance issues and I believe that this is why other people cannot breed their animals.


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