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(Seemingly) Random server crashes in my base.



    • Xbox One


      For a while now, I've been experiencing random crashes (Game gets stuck and exits to the Xbox One Home screen)

      This issue seems to happen "Only" (95%) at my base.

      I've had consistent crashes (game crashing within 3 seconds after loading (which I've narrowed down and solved, I will mention these later))
      However I've also had to deal with the random crashes occurring whenever I:
      1: Enter- or Leave- my base through the nether portal
      2: Idle in my base for a while (roughly 15-30 minutes is when it seems to occur usually).

      Steps I have taken in an attempt to move past this issue:

      • Removing all ACTIVE redstone in the world, including at my base.
      • Removing all 58 hopper minecarts at my Guardian farm (which seemed the most likely cause of the issue considering the amount of redstone and moving entities)
      • Removing (most) Item frames (I've heard these cause a lot of lag)
      • Removing the last item frames I had (which had a complete map of the world (25 maps) , of which some were on non-solid blocks.

      I might have to submit a separate bug report on this one: whenever I removed those maps manually, the world would crash EVERY SINGLE TIME, (near instantly) no exceptions.

      Eventually I had to blow up the maps with 2 pieces of TNT, 1 to blow up the wall with maps, and one to blow up all the map entities falling on the floor.

      • I've also relocated my nether portal, both in the nether, and the overworld.

      I seem to have gotten rid of most of the consistent crashes, however the issue still stands.

      I'm not sure if there is a way for me to pull a crash log from the console/game, or if there might be a way to have the 4J team go onto my actual world to experience this issue, as simply giving the seed and the coordinates would likely not work, considering none of these problems ever occurred until a few months into the world.

      Please take a look at this, because combined with my friends, we have hundreds, if not thousands of hours invested into this world, and don't want to start a fresh world (only to risk this happening again) unless it's truly our last option




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