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Iron golem offering flowers to villagers



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    • TU24/1.16
    • TU30/CU18/1.21
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      I found a village. It was a good village. And tons of villagers were living there. So I decided to stay and protect them. But it was a big village and too many villagers to protect so I created 2 iron golems to help. Now I learned on minecraft wiki that if you make an iron golem within 66 blocks of the center piont of said village it will do its duty like any naturally spawned golem and protect the villagers. Everything is fine until the iron golem tries to give the villagers a flower. Now I will be honest, my villagers were scared of the golems not because ot the size or randomness, but because everytime the golem offers a flower all me and the villagers sees in nothing but an empty hand. I understand the villagers. I mean if the golem was nuts thinking he had flowers but really didn't, how is he fit to protect the village. SORRY GOT OFF TRACK. Anyways this effects both my Iron golems. So please fix this bug so my villagers can be at ease around the iron golems.




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