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Certain Containers Refusing to Dispense TNT



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: TU24/1.16, CU14/1.17
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      PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4


      One major problem I run into when designing cannons and people launchers is that certain containers refuse to dispense TNT. I have been unable to determine why this happens.

      A few characteristics:
      a. The containers dispense other things correctly, such as blocks. This indicates that the wiring is okay.
      b. It is all or nothing - either the container will dispense TNT all of the time, or it will not dispense TNT all of the time.
      c. It happens regardless of how you activate the dispenser - whether using redstone, a redstone repeater or a redstone torch.
      d. Replacing the container does not help.

      I have found a couple of "fixes", but they are random. In one case, I added one more repeater to the wiring. In another, I decreased the length of the wiring by one block.


      I created a "people launcher" in PS4, consisting of four containers facing each other around a single block. The containers are stacked 10 high and are activated by redstone torches. There is one block of water at the bottom to prevent destruction. (See picture below) The yellow blocks are glowstone. The top view is for Row 2. Rows 4, 6, 8 and 10 are identical except that the block at the bottom is glowstone.

      The tower consistently dispenses 40 blocks of stone. However, when I start replacing stone with TNT, odd things happen. Basically, it appears that you can only load 4 rows with TNT. If you load 5 rows, the top 2 rows will stop working).

      Is there a limit on the number of TNT blocks that can be dispensed at the same time on the PS4?




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