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Slime blocks becoming invisible player fall trough



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: TU38/CU29/1.30/Patch 9
    • Fix Version/s: None
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      Xbox One


      While my daughter wanted a bouncy castle, I made this redstone clock with repeater on 4th tick. The slime blocks on Xbox one sometimes completely lag out become invisible, the player falls trough the slime blocks and sometimes the piston as well.
      I expected the player not to fall trough the slime blocks like on pc version 1.8 and up and get launched over and over. Now sometimes the player gets launched and then the blocks and or piston become invisible and the player falls trough the slime blocks. Making slime blocks on a clock behave really weird. Also the clock lags in a really weird way like it's skipping beats.
      See image for clock and contraption used (image is captured from pc version comparison for my convenience as capturing from xbox via onedrive is a pain) The comparator is in substract mode of course and the repeater is set to 4 ticks lowering the tick rate only makes the lag / glitch worse on xbox. There is a sticky piston below the slimeblocks facing up if the image is unclear. (increasing the clock with a second repeater does help overcome the bug but in cases the player still fall trough)




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