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Minecraft Playstation®3 Edition has failed to load and cannot continue



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    • TU36/CU24/1.27/Patch 6
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      Exploring the world, not entirely sure what caused this:
      (More Info as to what was going on at the bottom)

      Playstation 'Game' Information:
      Title: Minecraft: Playstation®3 Edition
      Version 1.28
      (Battle Mode was just released today)

      Texture Pack: Default, Natural, Fantasy, Halloween, Skyrim, Candy
      (Tested on additional Texture-packs)
      Seed: -1312995715
      Gamemode: Survival
      Difficulty: Peaceful, Easy, Normal & Hard

      Players: 1-2 Players

      Online Game: Yes (Tried both Online and Offline)
      Invite Only: No
      Allow Friends of Friends: No
      Player vs Player: Yes
      Host Privileges: No
      (Rest were left as Default)

      quite a few of my PSN friends have reported this issue since the update,
      My region: UK (England)
      Buddie1's region: US (Pennsylvania)
      Buddie2's region: US (North Carolina)
      Buddie3's region: US (Pennsylvania)
      Buddie4's region: UK (Wales)
      Buddie5's region: UK (Wales)

      The crash happened during an Autosave (It saved successfully whilst inside the Blacksmith's house in the village)
      but after travelling to the 'Dark-oak Forest' (Noted by the 2 Dark oak trees and a Large Red Mushroom ontop a hill)
      on one side of the forest there's a Pond by 3 Dark-oaks and a Single Oak tree, During auto save there, (upon arrival) it bumped into the "Minecraft Playstation®3 Edition has failed to load and cannot continue" error,

      also if it matters, it took about 3-4 hours before the crash happened on the older world, whereas the newer worlds are crashing whilst just exploring, before building anything

      World Generation # - Time to Crash
      (~ = Around)
      1 - ~40Mins
      2 - ~25mins
      3 - ~10mins
      4 - ~30mins
      5 - ~15mins


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