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      summary..I dont know...all i was doing was mining a big chunk under gound for my house/stronghold..

      What I expected to happen was...:
      Describe what you thought should happen here...I expected the game to function right after all these years..I expected to mine,breed,kill,build and collect as much as i wanted..and for animals to make sounds,breed and move like normal...All mobs or monster to walk and attack like normal..To eat normal..Iron doors to work like normal...To pick up ideams like normal..Power 5 bow to shoot arrows like normal and night and day to work normal

      What actually happened was...:
      Describe what happened here...When i cross a certain point in my world everyting will start to mess up..ANIMALS=None of them make any sounds breeding takes alot longer plus even longer cause they are so slow just to get to one another they dont move at there right speed..Example sheep,pigs,cows and chickens move slower than 4 blocks every 8 seconds even if they are following me with wheat,seeds and carrots in my hand..if a sheep followed me with wheat in my hand and i started on one side of the world and needed to get to the other side with the sheep it would take like an hour..its very easy to hunt..dont know about fishing yet oh and ORBS take long to reach me..All 7 of my horses could travel 9 to 11 blocks per second and now they run slower than i can walk..ocilets and dogs are slightly faster than other aninimals but do not run makeing it very easy to tame but i want it fixed..And bats are so slow i can walk faster than they fly making it very east to put name tags on them and to keep track of..MOBS OR MONSTERS=All move very slow i can walk tight circles around them without them hitting me or without them even noticing making it very easy to kill and collect loot and xp same with animals..Skeletons cannot shoot as far or as strong and most of its arrows wont make it to me even if i stand still and some that do make it either bounce right off or deals very little to no damage at all..All within 10 block away even when on hard mode..Creepers are very slow and takes 8 second to explode to the time it starts to blow to when it does blow up making it very easy to kill and xp and possibly easyer to get records..also making it very easy to get away before they can explode..Zombies are very slow and take alot long to pick up ideams but is very easy to turn a zombie into a villiger..SUN MOON AND STARS=Each day lasts over 20 mins and each night..The sun or moon when it appears it will move an inch than move back an half inch than stay still for about a minute and then it repeats or somtimes wont appear at all..making it easyer to build during the day and plus more time in day or if i wanted i could wait till dark go inside my gliched area and have 3 times the times to run around killing slow none working mobs..ARROWS wont stoot over 20 blocks away even with a power 5 bow..Sometime it gets stuck in mid air gliching out like the sun or moon after awhile it will just drop straight down or bounce off animals and mobs or deal very little damage even up close..EATING it takes 8 seconds to eat one food ideam and can take over 60 seconds to fill my health bar up all the way just with carrots..IRON DOORS do open fine but stays open for 8 seconds before closing..IDEAM PICK UP it take like 8 seconds and over to pick up any ideam on ground..I can throw an ideam out in front of me count to 5 and walk over the same idea 3 time before i can pick it up..I can build up 50 blocks high stand in middle mine all the way down with an iron pickaxe and not pick up a single ideam intill i hit the end and wait 5 seconds..Oh and horses with leads will break all mine did..

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1.Update latest update
      2.Play on tutorial world..seed 0..and play on hard or peacefull...
      3.Go to cordinant about X:148 facing east.mark it..about X:417 facing west.mark it..now connect them..It should be about 265 blocks away from eachother..Now go to cordinant Z:120 facing south mark it and Z:400 facing north mark it..Now connect them..should be about 281 block away from each other..Now connect them all on the outside thus creating a big box in the world..Now ONLY when i come with in this area or box everything starts to mess up but when i step out the erea and exit and save then return to my world everything works fine but as soon as i go back into the boxed or gliches area everything start to mess up no matter where i go or what do..ONLY when i get away from that area and save and exit will it start working like it should..When i had 70 animals max out i went over 150 block away save.exit and ruturn more animals popped up and was allowed to breed another 70 animals and repeat ive had over 200 at once on my single world..THIS I FOUND OUT AFTER MY WORLD STARTED MESSING UP NOT BEFORE..so this isnt the reason..I do know another bug that would blow minds of the world of minecraft but we wont go there today..AGAIN NOT THE REASON WHY THE WORLD IS MESSED UP..Anyway within this area somthing is going on..IVE NEVER FORCED THE GAME TO GLICH OUT..IVE NEVER CHEATED OR MODDED..I only play on hard or peacefull and always on survival..So what the heck is going on?When i took a look at the area ive notice alot going on there are 7 different biomes water.snow.jungle.acria wood or whatever.plains.mineshaft.massive mountains.hills and strongholds..there are like 7 buildings ontop of the area that were already there when i started the world..a massive building as well also a big massive cave system runing below on the east side ive found 10 spawners within this gliched area and 5 right outsided the gliched area..THE ONLY THING I DID IN THIS AREA IS..1..Take out all pictures and ideam frames from every house within the gliched area..2..find all spawners in the area and light them up..3..Go to cordinant X 272 Y 15 Z 154 Facing east..X 281 Y15 Z 143 Facing south..X 282 Y 15 Z 162 Facing north..X 291 Y 15 Z 154 Facing south..4..carve it all out up to Y 37..it should revealed 3 monster spawners 1 zombie 1 spider and one skeleton KEEP THEM..5..make three rooms about 15x15x5 on each side light it all u up..6..make 22 big chests in those 3 rooms fill with alot of arrows.string.bones.stones.ores.gravel.dirt and lots of random stuff to make a house or strong hold with my 3 spawners..7..dig up to Y 41 in this exact location of X 288 Y 41 Z 154 and carve out 35 blocks in each and every direction and up to Y 45.put about 9 chests filled with stones mob loot.gravel.dirt.and ores..8..starting at X 288 Y 41 Z154 from there dig up to Y 50 and dig out 35 blocks again in every direction all around you up to Y 58 and put 6 big chests of stuff like others..From here this is where things get bad ALL i did was mine alot and i didnt even get to build anything here..no red stone circuts or anything having to do with red stone..and its not my connection i have high speed and i even diconnected everthing and play offline and it still happens..everything esl is fine my own speed and chunck loading..PLEASE HELP..i do not want to start a new world..I have 100 plus hours in my world..SAVE ME..AND PLAESE WRITE BACK WHEN POSSIBLE..OH and if it isnt to much to ask(MY IDEAS) Make FISH TRAPS..COLORED BEDS..DRAWERS THAT OPEN AS A CHEST WOULD OPEN UP THAT CAN HOLD 15 STACKS OF IDEAMS..HAMMER TO CRAFT AND A WAY TO PUT ARE ARMOR OR TOOLS ON TOP OF ANVIL SO WE CAN HIT IT WITH A HAMMER TO REPAIR IT FOR XP..IRON BOATS THAT DONT BREAK WHEN YOU RUN INTO SOMETHING..BIRD MOB IN TREES THAT PROTECTS ITS EGGS..GARDEN SNAKE LIKE A BAT FOR CAVES..CORRAL FOR WATER AND DYES..QUICK SAND THAT CAN BE PICK UP WITH BUCKET FLOWS LIKE WATER AND LAVA..IF 2 OR MORE BLOCKS DEEP YOU SINK AND DIE..THE MORE YOU TRY JUMPING THE FASTER YOU SINK OR ANOTHER PLAYER WITH A LEAD CAN PULL U OUT AND BERRY BUSHES BERRY PIE..THERE ARE LIKE 30 DIFFERENT STONES.ALL DIFFERENT KINDS OF QUARTS CRYSTALS TO MAKE CRYSTAL BLOCKS.VOLCANO BIOME.HEAVEN PORTAL HIDDEN IN SKY .IVE GOT 20 MORE IDEAS BUT WILL BE HERE ALNIGHT......THANK YOU GAMENAME FOR XBOX 360 Desolate1704 5/26/2016




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