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tnt moves trugh obsidian?



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    • Affects Version/s: TU24/1.16
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      Xbox 360


      This issue started just a few days ago (wasint in for a while but I discovered this a few days ago) you see I discoverd this issue when fireing an old cannon I invented tru lots of testing and stuff-sucseded but when I fired it now I got a suprise, (I fired this multiple times to know it was an issue, created more on different altitudes and diections)

      example the cannon is built with obsidian floor 12 by 4 walls 2high on all but one of the long sides and a roof. So 10tnt in this will fire 20tnt in one shot at a good distance with a somewhat spread (there was less spread if using obsidian than when using other material-obsidian one at a sightly higher altidude would not destroy the surounding objects and could be reloaded and fired over and over without trubble

      however to the point of the bug.... when fiering this (the barrel of the cannon used to make shure this did not happen....but not now) the tnt just flies straight uppward and blows up everything without propelling tnt forward, a longer barrel did not change the result, because putting the cannon on delay and observing it from different angles....I discoverd that the tnt flew trugh the roof :/

      (Extra info) the cannon I made worked to sutch an extent, that if I took said cannon and extended it by adding 1obsidian row at the upper barrel of the cannon added the 2block walls+another roof I could chain connect these put repearers enugh to have 7sec between the shots with both barrels in the same direction-I could fire the buttom one without the tnt in the extended part detonating (this cannon was and is without water) now the buttom one flies trugh the obsidian roof and annilihates everything

      please fix this issue because this variant of tnt cannon and another same prinsiple one I have (and worked a lot on to get maximum effectiveness) are now useless....and the secound variant is just way to long to explain in a bug report :/




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