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Squid spawning limit super low...



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      I have a 240x240 are cleared out and taken down to y64 all water removed etc, i built a squid farm and changed the water config for it to every way i can think of and only 2 squids spawn and will be spawned at any given time. I finally just filled the entire farm with water and watched it for an hour and still only 2 squid spawn. I made sure to be over the 24 blocks away and tried everything else i could think of, I also noticed that the second they spawn they only swim up and if 1 despawns only one more will pop up to again be up to 2 squid spawned. This world was made after TU31 and is medium size world. The spawner is 22x22 starts at y62 and goes down to y48 for squid to spawn in and is located at the center of a 240x240 and there is no water within 129 blocks of the spawner. The picture is taken from a copy of my survival world so i could test different ways to get them to spawn, mob griefing and spawning is on it is also totally dark i made use of a night vision potion so i could see.




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