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All Villagers Suddenly Stop Breeding



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Invalid
    • Affects Version/s: TU32/CU20/1.23/Patch 2
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Affected Platforms:
      PlayStation 3


      I currently have 30 Villagers in my world. I have built a Villager breeding station, automatic farms to feed these villagers, and a villager trading station. All of these were working perfectly fine for the past week. Today however, all the villagers in my whole entire world have just stopped breeding altogether. Not even showing hearts. This is both in the Breeder AND in the NPC village.
      I throw stacks and stacks of food (Wheat (to farmers), Carrots, potatoes, and bread) at them and these stacks will just sit there on the ground. They won't even pick the items up. Any villager, not just the farmers.

      I have restarted my world several times and this does not help. Even exiting to the Sony XMB screen and then reloading the game doesn't work.

      I've gone around my world killing off any unessential villager I found. Leaving me with just 30 villagers total.

      Before they stopped breeding altogether, they would just show hearts and not produce baby villagers at all, but exiting and reloading the world would get them breeding again (Same with the farmers harvesting crops) but now, nothing happening at all.

      Now I know you'll have to reproduce this, but this was all working fine for the past week and all of a sudden stopped. I can only suggest that you build a farm, and have them breed like crazy and kill off the extras as they are produced. This is all in Survival Mode too BTW.

      Any additional info provided at your request.

      *EDIT AFTER TU32 Patch Update:*
      Seems now with the release of TU32 they are back to breeding, but only to a point.

      It seems they will breed better than TU31 problems (Replacing lost/killed Villagers) but now they stop breeding but still display Hearts like crazy and don't pick up any food even though it seems they are in the mood.

      I have to quit the game to the Sony XMB menu (Not just Exiting to game menu, Quit the game) and re load the Minecraft game and reopen my world to get the Villagers to start breeding again. This is the only way to get them to start breeding more. And this is always below 35 Villagers Max in entire world.




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