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World Crashes Everytime I load in!



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: TU31/CU19/1.22
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      Xbox One


      Xbox One, Survival mode, Multiplayer online game (tested Xbox 360 transfer and Xbox One created worlds from each player).

      The sticky piston contraption consists of lining up 5 or more sticky pistons in a row and placing a dirt block on the sticky part of the piston. (Problem does not seem to appear if nothing is being moved by the pistons.)

      Run redstone repeaters into each sticky piston and then connect the repeaters with a line of redstone dust. Run the dust a few more blocks and then use either a button, lever, or redstone torch to quickly turn the pistons on and off. (Again, 5 or more pistons are needed, but typically works with 5.)

      If the players are in the same vicinity, say 10 blocks, the problem does not always occur; however, if while the one player is turning the contraption on and off the second player does something like open and close a chest or walk on a pressure plate, the problem is much more likely to occur.

      With a moderate distance of 25 blocks to a distance of 250+ blocks between the players, the problem is almost always guaranteed no matter what the second player is doing.

      Whichever player is not turning the redstone machine on and off is being kicked out of Minecraft to the Xbox One main menu.
      With a distance of 500+ blocks, the problem is much less frequent to almost non-existent.

      I encourage anyone playing Xbox One multiplayer online survival mode on any difficulty to try to replicate this issue. For me it is game breaking.

      It has gotten to the point to where when I load into it has it saved to where I had just previously hit the button to activate the contraption and now whenever I load into the world it immediately has the save of the piston door opening and after 2 seconds it crashes and sends me to the Xbox One Main Menu


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