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Mincraft failed to load and cannot continue



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: TU31/CU19/1.22
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      PlayStation 3


      So I have had a couple of issues recently and I will list them then describe each one best I can.

      1. lag in world when in boat/eating/killing animals
      2. system failed and cannot continue error message
      3. failed to save after in game save
      4. split screen lag/ boots from game with problems that are listed above

      1. Usually when I start the game its fine then after a certain amount of time it begins to either get laggy when im eating and takes way longer than it should, or it will lag when animals are dying or when im in a boat exploring new land. But it makes it very difficult to do anything because it will make me mess up/ fall of cliffs/ boat won slow down or speed up resulting in crashing into land.

      2. When I play the game in general that error message pops up and I feel like the other issues are just a side effect from this problem. It doesn't do it when im playing other games I own like borderlands, but I have lost many hours/work into worlds because of this. Why am I getting this error message? it started happening right after the new update that has slime blocks, new biomes, animals ect. which I believe is tu31 for the PS3. I don't want to open other worlds in case it completely ruins the file, and im In the process of getting a flash drive so I can save my files on a hard copy. but I would like to not have to do that everytime I want to play.

      3. there have been a few times where its working okay and as im playing I will save the game, because I prefer auto save off I just save the game when I feel like ive done enough to save for. Well one of the most recent times I found a new guardian temple so I got to land saved then after I saved it I went to exit the game, and because I had just saved it game me the "are you sure u wan to exit" message without all the save options because I had just saved. Which is something I have seen before and exited still and had no issues for the next time I wanted to play. Well an hour later I went to get back on and it only had my first save which was 2 saves ago before I exited out of minecraft. there have also been times where I will be saving the game and mid save it freezes my entire ps3 and I have to turn off the entire system for it to do anything, which in turn makes me lose the progress I just had.

      4. So I was playing with a friend split screen last night and I had all of these problems that I had listed above but more frequently and I lagged waaaaay worse to the point a few times where I couldn't eat food in the game at all or it would boot us with the error "minecraft isn't working and cannot continue message"

      after I save the files I have to a flashdrive whats going to happen? what do I need to do to ensure my games aren't completely gone? any advice or tips to help? when will these issues be fixed and is anyone having similar problems?


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