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Villages, temples and witch have disappeared or not spawning since new update



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    • TU31/CU19/1.22
    • TU45/CU34/1.37/Patch 14
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      Seed number -772097003 once had 3 villages, a desert temple and Witch hut.... All apart from temple now completely vanished in this particular seed. My old version has lost 2 out 3 as they now appear to be underwater! Every new seed generation is the same.... All you get is the well, close to the middle if the map.

      Can someone please tell me how this can be resolved?

      I love the game for the reason we can trade with villagers.. But this is now impossible with no villages or villagers! The mooshrooms have completely disappeared too. Stronghold is no longer found under desert in this seed either!

      This update has completely destroyed all my past worlds. I rarely got witch's huts and mountain temples, but these appear to not generate at all now!

      The ocean temple is also a rare generation too...

      I have now tried over a 100 different seeds only to find one that had a village, only to have the game freeze on me before I could save it.... This meant that I was not able to find this particular seed again as I had not noted number. Five minutes into exploring map and wanting to save meant that it froze.

      Having enjoyed this game for over a year, i am so disappointed with how it had destroyed all my saved games and I am so ready to now throw game in the bin!

      What can be done to rectify these things that have gone wrong?




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