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Minecraft World will not save, AGAIN!



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    • TU31/CU19/1.22
    • TU32/CU20/1.23/Patch 2
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      I had a problem like this in TU30, and was really looking forward for this update because I hoped it would be fixed. My problem was that my Minecraft Xbox One world, would not save no matter what. In TU30, I increased the size to a Large World and filled in every map in the world. After that, the world just wouldn't save. I found out, months later, that resetting the Nether and Overwriting World Edges would let the game save the world, but only if I was in it for about 20 minutes. That worked and I was happy. Now, in TU31 the bug is back, and my previous methods and fixing it, don't work. Please 4J, I've been waiting since September. 4JSteve said he would try to replicate the bug, IN SEPTEMBER! IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! Come on 4J! I've bough your game twice, with all the texture packs, skin packs, and mash up packs. If it helps here's some information on my world: It was created in November 2014 on my Xbox 360, and exported it to my Xbox One on Christmas Day, 2014. It uses Host Privileges, is the Large World size, and has autosave disabled. When this started happening was after I filled in all 25 maps that you can make on a Large world. It has lots of structures and takes up a good portion of my total world space on the world selection screen. Please help me.


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