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Cured Zombie Villager (Tool Smith) disappears from manually created village



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: PS4 1.95
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      PlayStation 4


      I cured a zombie villager inside a castle I built, then moved him to a nearby village I had created awhile ago. He was a Tool Smith, and the same day I put him into my village- I had already traded with him many times and leveled him up to 2. I also threw bread at him, and he took it. (5-12 pieces I think) My plan was for him to possibly breed with some nitwits that were already nearby. The village had 3-4 nitwits already, several valid houses and doors, sufficiently enough for breeding as I'd done this in the past. Sufficient lighting to avoid normal monster spawning was also present.


      I went to sleep in my nearby castle, and the next day the Tool Smith was gone. All nitwits remained. My castle is not far from the village I built, the village is safe, valid (to my understanding), well-lit, walled off, etc. I built it as well as I could manage according to wiki notes...


      Please work on this. I'm sorry if it is a known issue, but how it is happening may be specific to my case? It probably isn't. I'm sick and don't have the energy to scrub the known issues. Sorry.


      But please fix this if possible.... this issue is potentially game-breaking for ps4 minecraft village enthusiasts...


      If I am forgetting something important please lmk, thanks. Minecraft is a timeless epic and will remain so quite easily if the bugs get squashed with sufficient vigor




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