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Deforestation - Leaves decaying while on tree



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: PS4 1.95
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      PlayStation 4


      This particularly nasty bug popped up with the last update. If you destroy even a single leaf block on a tree the entire leaf structure will begin to decay as if you had chopped down the tree. This happens with all tree types and in all biomes. Again, this is only an issue since the last update 1.95.

      On a side note: I realize PS4 will switch to BE sometime in the future. However, Mojang seems intent on sitting on the release, possibly, so they can have some big dramatic reveal. In the meantime we have a brand new deforestation bug in PS4 edition. If we aren't getting BE this month can we please get 4J to issue a fix for this? It was only broken in the very last update and it makes the game somewhat unplayable as players are always popping leaf blocks here and there for one reason or another. I have 3 VERY barren looking forests at this point and one of them is my sole jungle biome. Thank you for your time.




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