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Trident Loyalty Glitch PS4



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      PlayStation 4


      So i recentley obtained a trident from a drowned and proceeded to max enchant it. As soon as I got loyalty III, i threw the trident as far as I could from my base. When it returned it missed me, went behind me and into my cow pen and flew around there with no intent to return to me. Seconds later my game froze but with the music still playing. I restarted and the trident was still behind me and my game froze again, and again after repeated attempts. The only way to resolve the issue was to grab my Elytra from my chest in the short space of time, and to fly away. I happen to have the stronghold close to my base so i jumped into the portal into the end, and then left the end straight away. I got back to my base where the trident should b, but it wasn't everything was back to normal until I logged back in the next day to see the trident back, and my game freezing again. Please Help!!!




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