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Too many unloaded fireballs crashing world and resting chunks



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: PS4 1.93
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      PlayStation 4


      So probably a bit longer than a month ago, me and my friends a creative world. I am not the host, but I am on the world almost whenever he is. We have built a fair amount of stuff in the world. At one point we built a small machine, I guess you can call it. It had 3 dispensers with fireballs, and a comparator clock to shoot them out real fast. After a while of turning on and off the machine, and building similar things facing a different direction, we noticed that fireballs stopped shooting, even though the machine was on and filled. so we went out in the directions they were shooting, and we saw walls of fireballs that were stuck in unloaded chunks. so we followed the walls of fireballs until all of them hit the ground, and then we were able to shoot more. Here is where the real problem is. More recently, one of my friends added more dispensers to the original machine, so instead of 3, there was probably 10 or 12.  There would turn it on here and there, but at first, that didn't really cause any issue, but then when we would get near the unloaded chunk where the wall of fireballs would get stuck it would crash the world. After the world crashing multiple times from this glitch, it just erased half the world. everything on that side of the world was deleted and reset to the default 3 dirt. This is not the first time the world has been reset on those exact same borders.  One time I and my friend were using a different glitch to purposely crash the game, and after that happening a few times it reset the same part of the world, the exact same part of the world. This report is getting long so I am going to leave it here. If you need to know any other details, or if would like me to explain the other glitch that made half the world resent the first time let me know. Because this is now really annoying to have to rebuild my stuff again. Unlike some of the other players on the world, I and the host really put a lot of effort into our builds, so it times hours to rebuild out stuff. We didn't even finish rebuilding from last time. Thank you for reading, and please try to respond as soon as possible, because of im not sure if I'm going to play again if this happens a third time.




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