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      Proposed Addition:
      Implementing alternate generators for entire worlds including access to custom biomes and original block and/or creature spawning.

      Specific Features:

      • Custom generators can replace either the "overworld", "nether", or "end" optionally with complete control over the characteristics including biomes created for those domains to be in the hands of the developer.
      • Custom alternate generators for the "overworld", "nether" and/or "end" will be linked to each other for a comprehensive experience. In other words, each "set" of world generators will be linked together and not individual generators... unless that is actually a part of the plan of the developer.
      • End users of the plug-in can access the generator from the world selection menu which would include a brief description of the custom generator.
      • Options selected by the user including "Generate Structures" flag, "Bonus Chest" flag, and other general options when selecting generator types should be brought forward.
      • "Custom" option buttons should be made available for generator developers

      Justification and Use Case:
      Several existing "custom world" generators already exist as mods as of Minecraft 1.3.x including a famous one designed by Risugami in the form of the Biosphere mod. In addition, several alternate generators also exist even in vanilla Minecraft, so this is really merely exposing the existing interface and providing hooks into the IChunkProvider and WorldType classes as well as providing an interface into the "World" object containing information about blocks and creatures in different locations.

      An existing mod API implementing the above features exists with obfuscated classes in Minecraft 1.3.x on the Minecraft forums:


      With the exception of the linking of the end, nether, and overworld generators together, a general overworld custom generator hook is also implemented in Risugami's ModLoader as well as in Minecraft Forge.

      Challenges Faced:
      Potential conflicts with custom dimension generators that go beyond the standard trio of standard dimension generators existing in the game. See also: https://mojang.atlassian.net/browse/MCAPI-22

      Compatibility with existing "vanilla" Minecraft world generators is expected and trivial to implement based upon existing generators in modified Minecraft.




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